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Kidz Home Alone – Two Day Course – Thursdays, May 3 & 10, 6-8PM.  Are you ready to educate your child about the responsibilities of being home alone? Our goal is to assist every student feel more comfortable while home alone. This interactive course teaches topics such as First Aid, Self-Heimlich maneuver, reasons to call 911, fire escape plans, microwave safety and how to problem solve out of the ordinary situations. A parent guide is included in the student manual which provides helpful discussion points between parent and child. Parents do not need to attend the class. Kids entering the 4th-6th grades. $72. $82 after April 29.


Better Baby Sitters – Two Day Course – Tuesday & Thursday, July 23 & 25, 12:00-4:30PM. Would your son or daughter know what to do if the child they were babysitting for started to choke on something? Would they know what to do if they were taking care of several children and someone came to the door? Does your child baby sit younger siblings? Why not enroll your child in a Better Baby Sitters course. Your child will learn the responsibilities of having a job, the Rights of a Baby Sitter, CPR for a Child and Infant, Basic First Aid, Growth and Development and appropriate toys and activities for kids. They also learn diaper changing, infant care and how to feed a toddler. The most important component of the Better Baby Sitters course is that it is fun! Kids entering 5th-8th grade. $101. $111 after July 16. 


Hand Building Clay Class – Two Day Course – Monday & Wednesday, June 11 & 13, 9:00-11:30AM. Just in time for your summer garden!! Kids!! Make a cool frog or fairy house for the garden or yard!! Ceramic artist Sylvana Whittaker, will teach this fun, creative class for your kids while making their very own frog/ fairy house that frogs, will actually want to live in!! (and maybe fairies too!). This two-part class, will use traditional hand building techniques to make the house, them come back on the second day and use beautiful glazes to finish it and make a beautiful piece of art, that your child will be proud of!! Working in clay has been shown to improve children’s motor skills, self-esteem, and creativity! All while having a lot of fun!!  $90. $100 after June 3.  www.enrichingkidz.com


Pottery Wheel – Two Day Course – Monday & Wednesday, June 9 & 11, 12:30-3:00PM. Has your child ever used a pottery wheel?  Register them for this popular course! This is a great opportunity to actual us a pottery wheel.  They will learn how to transform a piece of clay into a wonderful bowl, vase or plate after drawing their own design.  They will learn basic wedging, centering, pulling and decorating.  They will also glaze their masterpiece as well.  This is a class they will want to take over and over again! $90. $100 after June 3.  www.enrichingkidz.com

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