Labor Day Hours

We hope all of you who work so tirelessly every day get to relax and enjoy your Labor Day! Below are our Labor Day hours- come have some R&R with us and get one last outdoor pool day in!

Delaware Community Center YMCA- Branch Closed; Mingo Pool Open 12:00PM- 7:00PM

Don M. & Margaret Hilliker YMCA- 7:00AM- 12:00PM

Downtown YMCA- Closed 

Eldon & Elsie Ward Family YMCA- Closed 

Gahanna/John E. Bickley YMCA- 10:00AM- 6:00PM 

Grove City YMCA- 10:00AM- 6:00PM 

Jerry L. Garver YMCA- 10:00AM- 6:00PM 

Hilliard/Ray Patch Family YMCA- 10:00AM- 6:00PM 

Hilltop YMCA- Branch Closed; Cherry Creek Pool Open 12:00PM- 8:00PM 

Liberty Township/Powell YMCA- 12:00PM- 6:00PM 

North YMCA- Closed 

Pickaway County Family YMCA- Closed 

Vaughn E. Hairston YMCA- Closed