An Open Letter to Members: What You See, What We See


Dear YMCA of Central Ohio Members,

We may be best known for the heart pumping workouts, Olympic-sized pools and basketball courts. But if you take a look around you, you may see some not-so-obvious things. The following are just a few examples of how we are working hard to strengthen community and help every child, individual and family become their best self. The next time you’re inside our four walls, we challenge you to look at things differently. What will you discover about your neighbors?

When you take a look at the pool, you may see kids splashing around. What we see, however, are kids learning a life-saving skill, gaining confidence and building trust.

When you take a look at the gym, you may see kids running around and playing sports. What we see, however, are kids learning what it means to be a part of a team, and what sportsmanship is.

When you take a look at the fitness center, you may see people lifting weights or running on the treadmill. But we see people working on bettering themselves, overcoming obstacles and pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone.

When you look into a group fitness class, you may see people working out together. What we see is a community and friendships forming that will extend far beyond the fitness studio.

When you look into the ChildWatch room you may see a bunch of kids running around. What we see is kids having fun, making friendships and having a safe space with trusted adults to play while their parents get the opportunity to work out and take time for themselves.

When you see a donation box or campaign flyer you may see us asking you for something. What we see is the opportunity for us to rally as a community to better serve those in need, together, for a better us.

Day in and day out, with the hustle and bustle of life getting in the way, you may see us as just a gym, but we want you to see more. See those people in a group class and jump in, see that ChildWatch attendant running around with the kids and give them a smile, don’t just walk past that flyer but ask yourself what capacity you have to get involved.

After all, that is what we stand for: choosing to find positive the in every situation, looking further than what we see at face value and actively finding a way every single day to strengthen our communities and become a better US.


Your friends at the YMCA of Central Ohio