We are Building a Better Us: More than $2 Million Raised in YMCA Annual Campaign

Building a Better Us: More than $2 Million Raised in YMCA Annual Campaign

Philanthropic Campaign Creates Increased Potential to Impact Lives in Central Ohio

[COLUMBUS, OH] (June 19, 2018)—Thanks to the generosity of the central Ohio community and the dedication of staff and volunteers, the YMCA of Central Ohio’s For a Better Us™ campaign has exceeded its annual fundraising goal by raising more than $2 million. The philanthropic support garnered by the campaign represents a new high for the organization, exceeding fundraising by +145% from previous annual campaigns dating back to 2015.

The support and donations from the For a Better Us™ campaign are essential to meeting needs and creating lasting change in Columbus and surrounding counties.“The Y works to ensure all individuals have the support they need to achieve their full potential, regardless of ability to pay” said Steve Ives, President and CEO for the YMCA of Central Ohio. “We work here in central Ohio and surrounding communities to provide services addressing the most critical social issues.”

The Y hopes to continue this philanthropic momentum in the coming months. “Donations make our mission a reality, allowing us to provide affordable and accessible high quality childcare, life-changing experiences and summer learning opportunities for children through programs such as camp, housing services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, support for families with children with special needs, and wellness and recreation activities,” explains Ives. “These are often programs that go unrecognized as part of the Y, but are at the core of our service to the community. Last year, annual philanthropic support helped us to have more than $20 million in community impact.” 

The YMCA’s annual fundraising is a part of a nationwide Y-USA multimedia marketing campaign designed to educate consumers on the Y’s work as one of the most effective and enduring charitable organizations in the country. The national For a Better Us™ campaign raises awareness of the work the Y does in the areas of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility to address pressing social issues in more than 10,000 communities around the country.

“This bold campaign underscores the importance of the life-changing work performed by Y staff and volunteers around the country,” said Kevin Washington, President and CEO of YMCA of the USA. “On a daily basis they drive the positive change and outcomes that strengthen our communities and the people who call them home.