Bexley City Schools

Bexley City Schools


AM Care - $70 (2 weeks)
PM Care- $100 (2 weeks)
BOTH AM/PM - $170 (2 weeks)

Registration Fee

$30 for one child. $50 for two or more children. The registration fee is an annual, non-refundable fee. If you sign up for automatic deduction 50% of the registration fee will be waived.


Fees will be due on a pre-pay basis, two times per month on the 1st and 15th of each month, beginning August 15. Your last payment will be May 1. Tuition is based on the cost per child per school year (180 school days) and is then divided into 18 payments (9 months x 2 payments), 1 payment in August and May and 2 payments per month, September - April. Your twice per month fee payments cover school days only and do not fluctuate for school days off and holiday breaks.

Hours of Operation

7:00am until school starts & from the time school releases until 6:00pm, on any day that school is in session.


Patty Bungo

Register At

Hilltop/Cherry Creek YMCA

How To Register - 2 Steps

1. Complete registration packet.

Registration Packet

Completion of this registration packet does not complete the enrollment process. You must pay the registration fee (if required) and complete any additional steps as indicated by the Child Care Director or Registrar.

2. See Y Team Member to pay registration fee (if required) and complete the process.

Current School Age Child Care Participants can begin registering May 1. New families can begin registering May 15.