Take our online training program to prevent sexual abuse in your community. The CENTRAL OHIO GUARDIANS AGAINST ABUSE is offering low-cost ($10) registration to anyone who signs up to take the training.

What Will You Gain From Our Training Program?

The Stewards Of Children Online Training Will Provide You With The Following:

  • Increased awareness of the prevalence, consequences and circumstances of child sexual abuse.
  • New skills for adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.
  • Proactive, positive change to organizational policies and procedures.
  • Individual commitment to action via a personal prevention plan.

Join The Movement Today!

Learn About The 5 Steps To Protecting Our Children:

The Stewards of Children® online training, will teach you five steps to help you become a protector of children’s safety, through guidance on:
  • Step 1: Learn the Facts
  • Step 2: Minimize the Opportunity
  • Step 3: Talk About It
  • Step 4: Recognize the Signs
  • Step 5: React Responsibly

Contact Us

Become a Guardian Against Abuse. Contact us here to learn more about our training and to gain access to our FREE media toolkit to share our message. The media kit includes:
  • Static digital banner ads (of different sizes) to promote the online training on Facebook.
  • Facebook images and info graphics on the reality of child sexual abuse that help to encourage individuals to sign up for the online training.
  • A downloadable handout with statistics on child sexual abuse and tips to prevent abuse to share with families or anyone else that touches the life of a child.

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Promotional Materials for Central Ohio Guardians Against Abuse made available through a grant from the Ohio Children's Foundation.