#HealthyHabits September: Cardio!

They say a habit takes 21 days to make and only 3 days to break. We believe that healthy habits can help to create an overall lifestyle that can aid in a long and happy life. We aren't talking about momentous tasks, but simple things you can do to be the healthiest version of yourself. Each month, we will offer a different healthy habit for you to challenge yourself to stick with.

September's Healthy Habit: Do Cardio!

Do cardio? Wait... like, running? Do I have to run? How about running late? I'm a pro at that! Good news: cardio does not have to mean running for miles at a time and in fact- cardio vascular activity is much more simple than you think.

Cardio vascular activity is defined as any activity or exercise that raises your heart rate. The American Heart Association recommends that we get 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise. If you divide that out, you need just 35 minutes of cardio a day, five days a week.

Sadly, according to the Centers for Disease Control, only 23% of Americans get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise each week. Why is this sad? Because cardio vascular activity has an array of health benefits, such as:

  1. Decreases blood pressure/resting heart rate (ie your heart doesn't have to work as hard all the time)
  2. Increases blood flow and decreases chance of stroke
  3. Improves memory
  4. Helps control blood sugar
  5. Increases circulation
  6. Fights osteoporosis
  7. Helps manage arthritis 
  8. Reduces risk of developing type two diabetes, just to name a few

Don't know where to start with cardio vascular activity? You're in luck! We offer a variety of classes throughout our 13 branches in central Ohio to get you moving! From cardio kickboxing, to cycling, to dance classes- we offer something for everyone. If you can't make it into the Y, take a speed walk around the neighborhood or get up and do jumping jacks during TV commercials. Bottom line: you CAN do this!

Here are some additional tips on how to add in cardio to your daily routine:

  • Baby steps! Don't think you can do all 150 minutes the first week? That's okay! Start with a reasonable goal and add on time every week until you've reached (or even exceeded!) your goal
  • Always park your car away from your destination, walk briskly and swing your arms
  • Take the stairs! 
  • Include sprinting intervals: By throwing in faster paced bursts, you'll burn more calories and build endurance
  • Mix it up and try something new! Do more than two types of cardio a week

How are you going to get in your cardio minutes this month? Check out our Group Ex schedules to find fun cardio (yes, there's such a thing!) that works best for you. Let's get moving, together! 

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