Wellness Challenges and Technology

Stay motivated, committed and rewarded throughout the year with our YMCA Wellness Challenges. Each unique Challenge offers creative health and wellness activities to help participants reach and exceed their wellness goals. Use YTRAAK to track your activity in real-time. YTRAAK is fast, easy and accessible through any device and at any time.

YMCA Wellness Challenges

FIRST CHALLENGE FREE FOR NEW MEMBERS. YMCA Wellness Challenges are offered throughout the year to help people go beyond their circumstances to reach their potential and meet their goals inside the Y and out. We challenge you to strengthen yourself AND your community! Train with YMCA staff and activity buddies to advance your wellness goals. Share your experiences on the activity feeds, high five your teammates, and participate in the Challenge Facebook groups.
YMCA Wellness Challenges

Track your activity using YTRAAK

Use YTRAAK to track challenge activity in real-time. YTRAAK can be accessed on all devices and at anytime and takes only 10 seconds to log a activity. ytraak.org

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