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July: Carlos the Crab’s Core Values
Crabs are known for their hard outer shells but soft interiors. Kind, responsible, respectful, and caring, Carlos not only helps children learn to swim, but feel safe and confident in and around the water. Carlos can breathe on land and in water, and loves practicing his swim skills in the water as well as on dry land.

August: Santino the Shark’s Swim Team
Sharks have a reputation of being scary and fierce, but not Santino! He is a fast swimmer, captain of his shark swim team and helps his fellow sharks develop the skills they need to be confident swimmers. He is athletic, likes to travel for his meets and is a foodie at heart.
September: Winston the Whale’s Wacky Strokes
Winston the Whale is patient and understanding. He cares deeply about every child learning to swim. He is a family guy and loves to help every child feel safe in the water while encouraging them to make lots of friends along the way. He is a master of both backstroke and breaststroke and teaches his friends the proper techniques.
October: Muhammad the Marlin’s Marine Life Adventure
Muhammed is an outgoing, fearless Marlin who is the first to participate in aquatic exploration. He encourages his marine life friends to “get out of their shells” and explore the world around them. He has made many new discoveries, found buried treasure and gathers his friends together to lead tours in new parts of the ocean.
November: Gary Goggles Games and Fun!
Gary Goggles loves having fun and making people laugh. He always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. His favorite aquatic activity is to play games such as Marco Polo, Sharks and Minnows and Starfish Tag. He invites his fellow aquatic explorers to join in on the fun!
December: Ellie the Eels Exciting year end review
Electric, energetic and eager, Ellie is very excited about all of the wonderful things our Aquatic Explorers have learned this year. She can’t wait to share with you her favorite moments and memories from the year that’s passed.

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