YMCA of Central Ohio

5 days of Action against Child Sexual Abuse

At the YMCA of Central Ohio, we understand that a parent’s worst fear is something happening to their child, and we know how much trust it takes to place your child into someone else’s care.

That’s why, as the largest provider of child care in central Ohio, we do not take your confidence lightly. Every time we welcome a child into our care, it becomes our responsibility to provide a nurturing, safe, and protected environment where he or she can learn, grow and thrive.

Because the YMCA of Central Ohio is committed to the safety of all children, we take steps every day to prevent child abuse. These steps include reference and criminal background checks for all staff and volunteers, requiring all staff to participate in annual child abuse prevention training, and staying vigilant for events out of the ordinary by conducting interviews and evaluations with children and parents. Finally, we take allegations or suspicions of child abuse seriously by reporting to police and state agencies for investigation.

On the week of April 24, the nation will come together to prevent child abuse through KNOW, SEE, RESPOND. During this national prevention week, the YMCA of Central Ohio will join other Ys across the country by conducting additional educational sessions for staff and distributing informational materials to the members, families and communities we serve. We will also be be raising awareness at our Healthy Kid’s Day celebrations on April 29.

We’re highlighting a three-step approach to help adults, parents and staff stay watchful:

Know: Learn how to recognize inappropriate behavior in adults, identify indications of abuse in children, and teach children how they can stay safe.

See: Pay close attention to your children and the people in their lives, staying vigilant for signs of abuse and knowing how to communicate with your child about their experiences.

Respond: If you see a child displaying behavior that matches common warning signs of abuse, notice suspicious actions from an adult, or you hear about something that sounds like abuse, report it immediately.

If you have children or interact with children on a regular basis, we encourage you to learn more about signs of abuse.

You’ll find lots of educational information on social media as the week progresses, so please keep an eye out and share with the people around you. The more people we can reach with this vital information, the better we can protect children throughout central Ohio and communities across the nation.