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Hilltop YMCA raises nearly $50K for rennovations

(by Sean Lehosit, Westside Editor - December 14, 2012)

The Hilltop YMCA has raised nearly $50,000 to remodel its facility. Construction is slated to be complete by May.
In June, the Hilltop YMCA began campaigning to raise $50,000 to remodel its facility.

The branch has reached 98 percent of its goal, according to Niel Jurist, public relations specialist for the YMCA of Central Ohio.

The total cost of project is $1.5 million. This includes the expansion of its fitness center and child watch rooms, as well as the addition of new locker rooms, a multi-use room and learning lab.

“All of the improvements are the result of input from our members and volunteers, along with the need for our YMCA to continue to provide quality fitness services and programs,” Jurist said.

Paul Westenheffer, executive director of the Hilltop YMCA, stated in June the facility is running out of space for programs. Areas like locker rooms were not accessible to the handicap or elderly. The branch’s member base is also outgrowing the 52-year-old building.

“The reasons for expansion include space constraints within our facility and the need to address accessibility issues with our floor plans,” Jurist said. “Once construction is complete, all facets of our YMCA will be located on one floor.”

Jurist said the Hilltop branch has around 4,500 members. They have experienced steady growth over the past three years, with a particular increase in senior membership.

“After construction is complete, our YMCA will be fully accessible for all and will have the space necessary to support programs such as diabetes prevention and diabetes management,” Jurist said.

Renovation work on the indoor pool is mostly complete, Jurist said. Footers have been poured and site work is complete on new construction, with brick work starting Dec. 24.

The project is slated to finish by May.

To inquire about donating, contact the Hilltop YMCA at 276-8224 or email info@ymcacolumbus.org.

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