A Big THANK YOU- New American Supply Drive

Central Ohio prides itself on being an open and inclusive community, where all are welcome. New American's make up 9.3% of the entire population of Columbus. According to the City of Columbus, immigrants and refugees in Columbus have become a driving force in the creation of small businesses and jobs. The local refugee community supports an estimated 21,000 jobs in Columbus alone.

In our neighboring Logan County, there is a rise of new Americans joining the community, coming here for employment opportunities. Most new Americans arrive with very little, and many have children that are also settling into this new country. The YMCA of Central Ohio lifted the burden off of some of these families by running a supply drive to help them get on their feet and on the right track to living the American Dream. 

Because of our caring members and communities members alike, during our supply drive, which ran October 1st- October 10th, with the help of drop-off branches location at Delaware Community Center YMCA, North YMCA, Don M. & Margaret Hilliker YMCA, Liberty Twp/Powell YMCA, Hilliard/Ray Patch Family YMCA and YMCA Camp Willson,we were able to donate over 200 household items to give to families coming to the United States to work in Logan County.