Celebrating Veterans and Military Families All Month Long

Each yeah in November, we celebrate National Veterans and Military families month, paying homage to those who serve our county and their families.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 1,085,286 people currently serve in the military, and 20.4 million veterans in the US. Military personnel put their lives on the line on a daily basis to protect the United States. Furthermore, deployment veterans often suffer from Post Traumatic Stress disorder and Depression among other metal effects from seeing combat. Military families also sacrifice time with their loved ones, and are often left raising children alone, moving around to different military bases. Despite all of these sacrifices and more, they still continue to sign up, show up, serve and protect.

What can we do for our Veterans and Military families? The US Department of Defense suggests 'while we should give our thanks, recognition and support to our veterans and military families year-round – it is especially vital to do so during National Veterans and Military Families Month. You can join with Military Community and Family Policy on your preferred social media network as we show our support and appreciation for military families, or you can show appreciation in another way, be it in public or in private, online or in “real life.” Our military families have made it their mission to serve our nation; now it is our turn to serve them, whenever and however we can...

For National Veterans and Military Families Month – and for all other months of the year – remember the burden and hardship shouldered by our veterans and military families, which they gladly took on for all of us. While we thank them for their service, the time has come to move beyond words to action. Where and when you can, please extend a hand to our veterans and military families in friendship and solidarity, in appreciation of the work they have done for America.'   

The entire month of November, we are celebrating our military by offering any veteran or military family a FREE two week pass to any YMCA branch in central Ohio, and/or waive the join fee upon signing up for a membership.* Please visit any one of our 13 locations for more information or to take advantage of this offer. 


*Military or Veteran ID required, In-Branch only