Welcoming Week!

This Welcoming Week, taking place September 14-23, the YMCA of Central Ohio will join Welcoming America, along with hundreds of YMCAs and other organizations nationwide in hosting events to celebrate immigrants’ contributions to communities and bring together all residents in a spirit of unity. Welcoming Week activities are open to the public and include events at multiple branches across central Ohio. 

“At the YMCA of Central Ohio, we believe Columbus and it's suburbs are stronger when everyone in the community feels welcome and we can all work together for the common good,” said Steve Ives, President and CEO of the YMCA of Central Ohio. “We are proud to be a part of Welcoming Week, which is demonstrating that in places large and small, rural and urban, people of all backgrounds are coming together to create stronger communities. It is a time to celebrate the shared values that unite us as neighbors, parents and colleagues, and to make our towns more welcoming to newcomers and to everyone who calls our community home.”


"These events are part of a powerful and growing movement in our country and around the world, demonstrating that communities want to be welcoming", said Rachel Peric, Executive Director of Welcoming America. "Welcoming Week is a reminder of the resilient and inclusive spirit of American communities together to bridge divides and build stronger local economies where everyone belongs."


Below is a list of events across our branches in central Ohio. All events are free and open to everyone in the community. We encourage you to join an event near you and bring a friend or two!

Delaware Community Center YMCA- Join the Y at the Delaware County Fair! We welcome all community members to join us at the fair and preview some of our classes on Sunday, September 16th from 12:00-5:00PM. Anyone who brings in their Delaware County Fair ticket will receive a free guest pass to the Y between 9/14-9/23.

Don M. & Margaret Hilliker YMCA- Welcoming New Americans who have been recruited to come to live and work in the Logan County Area by local businesses. Y Welcome Open House will be September 23rd from 4:00-6:00PM. There will be open swim, class demos, open gym. Food will be provided via YMCA Camp Willson Catering and member- provided potluck.

Eldon & Elsie Ward Family YMCA- Let's celebrate our unique cultures and welcome our friends from around the world.  Saturday, September 21st, from 11:00AM-12:00PM, bring in a dish or a side dish that helps share the story of your family's background, from your family's cookbook or even something from your native land as we make new friends and converse in love. 

Gahanna/John E. Bickley YMCA- Welcoming Week Open House for all members of our community on Wednesday, September 19th 5:00-8:00PM. Enjoy coffee and infused water, bring your favorite dessert to share, place a star on the map representing you heritage and make a craft with your kids while you enjoy fellowship with other community members. We will also be having a festive Zumba class at 6:30PM in the gymnasium, please drop in! 

Grove City YMCA- Join us for Welcoming Week Open House on September 20th, from 6:00-8:00PM. We will serve popcorn and cider and have games for kids and families.

Hilliard/Ray Patch Family YMCA- Join us for Welcoming Week Potluck on September 20th 11:00AM- 1:00PM. Cook your best dish and bring it in the meet new people. 

North YMCA- Wednesday, September 19th, from 5:00-7:00PM, come one, come all for an Open House. Saturday, September 22nd, join us for the 2nd annual Northland Community Bazaar that takes place at Epworth United Methodist Church from 10:00AM- 2:00PM; all are welcome to attend the North Y during that time as well.

Pickaway County Family YMCA- We are hosting an Evening Community Open house on September 19th, for 2-3 hours. Stay tuned- more details to come!

Vaughn E. Hairston YMCA- Join us for an Open House Friday, September 15th in the evening