The Y Honors it's African American Leaders throughout history

Not only during Black History Month, but every month, we honor those leaders that chose to leave their legacy with their work and dedication to the YMCA. Enjoy a look through the history of African American leaders in the Y movement. 

 Anthony Bowen- 1853

 William A. Hunton- 1888

 Max Yergan- 1916 

 Leo B. Marsh- 1928

 C. Edward Singer- 1936

 John W. Copeland- 1937

 Dunbar Reed- 1938

 Quentin R. Mease- 1939

 Daniel P. Tyler- 1945

 Meredith Mathews- 1947

 Walter F. Worrill- 1950

 Robert W. Wilson- 1955

 Thomas B. Hargrave Jr.- 1958

 Jesse Alexander- 1959

 Everett Christmas- 1960's

 Dr. David Epperson- 1961

 Violet P. Henry- 1963

 Julius Jones- 1964

 Rosalind Hamby- 1979

 Carolyn Creager- 1999