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4 Free Nutrition Classes When you Join October 4-17. 

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Dates and Times

Nutrition Mythbusting
Eggs are good! Eggs are bad! Carbs are bad! Carbs are good! Eat a low fat diet. Nope, high fat low carb is the way to go. So much nutrition information contradicts each other. Let’s bust some nutrition myths and get some real answers from our Registered Dietitian! We hope you’ll join us for this informative session. If you can’t make the live session, register and we’ll send you the recording!
Instructor: Elizabeth Douglass, MPA, RD, LD

  • October 10, 2021 - 5-5:45pm
  • October 13, 2021 - 4:30-5:15pm
  • October 18, 2021 - 6:30-7:15pm
  • October 29, 2021 - 3:30-4:15pm

Mason Jar Meals
Mason jars are for more than canning. They make a great tool for meal prepping healthy breakfast, lunches and dinners. Our Registered Dietitian will show you how to create healthy, portable and make-ahead meals in just 45 minutes.
Instructor: Mary Witnauer, RD, LD

  • October 15, 2021 - 9-9:45am
  • October 22, 2021 - 12-12:45pm
  • October 24, 2021 - 5-5:45pm
  • October 26, 2021 - 6:30-7:15pm

Popular Diets Explained
There are so many diets out today that it can get confusing! Who is the Keto diet for? Should I try Intermittent Fasting? What’s Whole30? We’ll explore some of today’s most popular diets and take your questions in this 45 minute session with our Registered Dietitian! If you can’t make the live session, the class will be recorded and sent to all registrants.
Instructor: Mary Witnauer, RD, LD

  • November 5, 2021 - 12-12:45pm
  • November 7, 2021 - 4-4:45pm
  • November 12, 2021 - 9:00-9:45am
  • November 17, 2021 - 7-7:45pm

Probiotics 101
It seems that so many products advertise that they contain probiotics. So what’s all the hype about them and why would we want them in our foods or supplements? Join our Probiotics 101 class to learn about them and have our Registered Dietitian answer your questions! Can’t make the live event? Register and we’ll send you the recording.
Instructor: Elizabeth Douglass, MPA, RD, LD

  • November 8, 2021 - 4-4:45pm
  • November 10, 2021 - 7-7:45pm
  • November 19, 2021 - 3:30-4:15pm
  • November 22, 2021 - 6:00-6:45pm


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4 Free Nutrition Classes when you join October 4-17.  

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