Ground Breaking

Update #5: 8.22.19

In Progress: Existing Building and Connector

The past month has involved the completion of the new interior framing of the existing portion of the building. New walls have been built, with all of the new electric, plumbing, HVAC and sprinkler lines being ran through walls and ceilings. Drywall is being hung this week in the areas of the existing building that have been newly framed.

The connector between the existing building and new addition, is the last of the steel items that need to be set. The completion of the tie in will happen when the new tongue and groove roof deck is installed over the connector.


Coming Soon! Wellness Area

Now that the joist and deck have been installed on the new addition, the interior wall framing and MEP rough ins will be taking place. Work on the exterior has started with the installation of the waterproofing, and over the next several weeks, the building shell will begin to be installed. This will include the new hardie board siding and wood siding. 

The openings of the exterior of the buildings will begin to be infilled, and the building will be weather tight over the next 6-8 weeks. The new gymnasium turf will begin to be installed at the beginning of October after the finishes are complete in the space. 

Update #4: 7.22.19

Whitehall Construction Video Tour


Update #3: 7.16.19

In Progress: New Addition and Bio Retention Basin

Over the past month, the construction team has started work on erecting the masonry walls for the new addition. The new addition includes an indoor turf field, a fitness center and locker rooms.


On the south side of the new addition, contractors have begun excavation of the Bioretention Basin. The Basin will contain sand, engineered soil mix, stone mulch and plantings to filter storm water runoff. 

Coming Soon! Joists and Decking

Over the next several weeks, the contractors will be installing joists and roof decking, with roofing to follow. The exterior facade of the building will begin after the roofing is installed. This will include the new wood and hardie board sidings. Storefront work will begin at the end of the month. 

Inside the existing building- mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors are continuing installation of pipe and duct work. After this activity is completed, dry wall will be installed. 

Update #2: 5.31.19

Recently Completed Work: Footers and Demolition

The construction team has spent the last month installing the building pad for the new addition, installing the footers and finishing the demolition inside the existing building. At this time, all previous electrical, HVAC and plumbing components have been removed. Structural walls have been demolished and shoring towers are supporting the structure until the new still columns and beams are installed. The top soil has been stripped to the west of the building, and the new walk paths have been cut into the landscape for their rough grade.


Coming Soon! Walls and Floors

Over the course of the next month, the building will begin to go vertical. Currently, the plumber is working on all of the underground piping and gas that will feed both the new additional as well as the existing building. 

The structural steel and masonry will be starting in two weeks, and will work in conjuncture to build the exterior support walls of the new structure. Once the plumber is complete with his underground work, the concrete slab will be poured in the new wellness area, restrooms and corridors. 

Update #1: 4.22.19

Recently Completed Work: Demolition and Site Work 

Over the past month, the construction team on site at the future Whitehall Community Park YMCA has started work on both the existing building and site work. Inside the existing building, all of the finishes have been removed and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems have also been removed.

Trees were dropped and removed from the site prior to April 1st. The site contractor has been on site over the past few weeks relocating existing utilities out of the way of the new addition footprint.

Coming Soon! Foundations and Building Pad

Over the next several weeks, the contractors will be finalizing the building pad, pouring the footings and starting the masonry foundation on the site.

Inside the existing building, demolition will conclude when some load bearing walls are removed. After this task is completed, new steel will then be added in for additional support and the open concept design can be better showcased. 

Stay tuned for continuous updates on Whitehall Community Park YMCA!