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It's no secret- we LOVE our members. They are at the heart of all that we do and we know that without them, there would be no YMCA of Central Ohio. While we appreciate our members every day of the year, beginning Monday, December 2nd- Sunday, December 8th, we are showing our appreciation by:

  • The week of December 2nd- 8th, every member is welcome to bring guests to any Y in central Ohio- not counting against your guest passes!
  • On Monday, December 2nd, each member will receive a maximum of 10 guest passes on their membership account
  • Additional surprises at each branch to show our appreciation 

Here's some general information on what you can expect:

   - December 2nd- 8th only, members may bring guests into any branch 
   - This will not count against guest passes on accounts
   - If a guest joins, we will waive their enrollment fee!
   - Each members guest pass count on their membership will reset to 10
   - Each branch will have its own fun surprises for members to show their appreciation 

Free guests for a week:

Can I bring multiple guests with me?

  • You may bring in more than one guest in with you keeping in mind the busyness of each branch and also keeping in mind that overcrowding of the branch cannot interrupt any programming. All guest rules apply- Guests must bring ID if they have not been to the Y before and must fill out paperwork before entry.

Can I come in every day with guests?

  • Yes, we welcome you to bring guests with you every day during member appreciation week!

Does this count against my guest passes?

  • This will not count against your 10 guest passes! This is an additional ‘thank you’ for being a valued member of the YMCA of Central Ohio.

10 Guest Passes:

I still have my original 5 guest passes on my account. Does that mean I get 10 more?

  • Every membership has been reset to 10 guest passes, so you will have a total of 10 guest passes maximum on your account no matter how many you had left/have used. This is not 10 additional guest passes, but a 'reset' of guest passes to 10 total. 

When will I see these 5 guest passes be on my account?

  • These passes are electronically loaded on every account. By December 1st, guest passes will be added to every account.

How long do we have to use these guest passes?

  • You have until March 31st when are passes reset again, and you will get 5 more. They are "use it or lose it', so bring in a guest!

Will there be 10 guest passes on every person’s membership?

  • The 10 guest passes will be on every 'unit of membership' account versus on every single person's account. Like our 5 guest pass member benefit we reset each year, each membership until will have 10 guest passes on it. For instance, if you have a family membership, your entire family has 10 guest passes to use between the family.