Body of Iron

Challenge Yourself; Challenge Each Other

Join us for Body of Iron 2021! This beloved fitness challenge is back and better than ever. 

From April 1- April 30, you will compete to complete 2.4 miles swimming, 110-mile bike ride and run 26.2 miles.

EVERY mile counts! The branch with the most miles wins!

  • When:
    • Challenge runs April 1- April 30
    • Registration begins March 1st
    • Not signed up by April 1st? You're welcome to jump in and register any time in April- every mile counts! 
  • Where: 
    • Participate and log miles from anywhere! 
  • What: 
    • Member and Non-Members alike compete to log the following:
    • 2.4 Miles Swimming- Can be substituted with time on the row machine
    • 110 Miles Biking- Can be a cycling bike, recumbent bike or seated bike, and of course a bike on the road! Cycle classes do count toward challenge miles.
    • 26.2 Miles Running- Can be a run or walk, can be outside or on a treadmill or an elliptical. 
  • This is the length of an Ironman Triathlon!
    • There will be a tracker app available to all participants. Each activity logged is worth a certain amount of miles. 
    • Again, every mile counts! Complete as much as you can. 
    • If you complete the challenge before the month is over- KEEP GOING! We're serious, every mile counts.
  • Cost:
    • $30.00 registration fee for members, $40 for non-members all proceeds will benefit our 2021 annual campaign
    • Registration fee includes a performance t-shirt (mens and womens sizes available), wrist band and kick-off/closing ceremony party
Register Now Online

Have Questions?



When does registration start?

  • Registration begins Saturday, March 1st!

How can I sign up?

  • You can sign up at the Welcome Center Desk or online by visiting for the registration link. In Daxko search “Wellness” under your branch.

What do I have to do?

  • April 1-30, you are competing to complete a 110-mile bike ride, 2.4-mile swim and 26.2-mile run- which is equivalent to doing an Ironman race!

What if I don’t complete the whole challenge? 

  • That’s okay! Do what you can do to challenge yourself- EVERY mile logged counts, and we’re in this as a team! Every mile logged will get us one step closer to beating the other branch!

What if I complete the whole challenge in the first 20 days? 

  • Great! You are a rockstar! There’s no limit to the number of miles you can log- so if you complete it- KEEP GOING! We need every mile we can get as a branch!

My home branch isn’t Participating, can I still participate?

  • Absolutely! When you sign up, pick the branch you would like to represent and you will be on their team or join the National Team.

How do I get the tracker?

  • The tracker can be found here (tracker link coming soon)

How do I find the Facebook group?

  • You can search for Body of Iron and request to join

I hate swimming, can I do something else?

  • Yes! You can substitute the row machines for swimming. You will need to row for a collective hour to equal 2.4 miles 

I am unable to run, what else can I do?

  • You are welcome to walk and/or use the elliptical machines 

Do I have to bike outside? 

  • You do not- in fact, you have lots of options! If biking outside in this beautiful Ohio winter isn’t your thing, you’re also welcome to use any of the bikes on the fitness floor or log your miles after a cycle class

My friend who’s a non-member wants to do this, can they participate? 

  • Yes! The non-member price is $40.00 and they are also able to sign up either at the welcome center desk or online.

My 10 year old daughter wants to join me- can she?

  • Absolutely! Anyone 9 and up is welcome to join us, keeping in mind our policies in the fitness center stay the same. 

Can you do this virtually? 

  • Yes! As long as someone is tracking their miles within the tracker, they can participate in this challenge anywhere. 

What does the winning branch get? 

  • The winning branch gets a trophy and bragging rights until we do it again next year!

When do I get my shirt?

  • T-Shirts will be given out at the closing party or can be picked up from your branch after the closing ceremony.

It says all proceeds from this challenge benefit 2021 Annual Campaign, what does that mean?

  • Our Annual Campaign is a yearly fundraiser geared toward helping our branch be able to better serve the community. Through this campaign we are able to do things like provide Membership for All, our financial assistance program, to people in the community, provide camp for kids that otherwise might not be able to afford it and continue to serve our community’s specific needs- we wouldn’t be able to do those things without Annual Campaign

  • We are a non-profit, which means we rely on donations in order to be able to continue our mission of making the community healthier- mind, body and spirit

  • Visit to learn more and/or to make an additional contribution. Your support has never been more important than right now.

I’m unable to sign up until after the competition starts, can I still join in?

  • Yes! You can jump in any time you want during the competition- every mile counts and the more miles toward us beating the other branch, the better!