Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is still available. The YMCA has opportunities available for free and low cost preschool. Our Virtual Preschool is free for families that qualify for any of our grants. The cost for non qualifying families is just $5 per week with a $10 registration fee and a 10 week commitment. 


Our Virtual Preschool program uses a combination of real time virtual instruction, recorded instructional videos, at home activities that are individualized for your child, Hatch software and Khan academy kids, which are all located within a bitmoji classroom to make it a user friendly experience!

  • Ignite by Hatch is a powerful, research based learning platform that engages early learners with interactive experiences, objectively assesses skills in seven domains of development, and individualizes learning for each child. The Ignite by Hatch app can be loaded on nearly any device with a touch screen. 
  • We use the Teaching Strategies Gold communication app where you can easily share activities that are aligned with the creative curriculum, videos, files, photos, and texts between teachers and families.
  • We use the Bloomz app to communicate with families and to send information out for our weekly virtual classroom.  
  • Khan Academy Kids allows teachers to assign individualized learning games for children to complete at their own pace.
  • Epic! Is a virtual library that teachers use to recommend and assign ebooks with access to thousands of high quality books.
  • Our virtual program still follows the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum® which aligns with the Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning Content Standards, helping to ensure your child is Kindergarten ready!
Virtual Classroom 1


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Virtual Preschool 3