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  • How we are helping now.
  • Our YMCA impact.
  • What is at stake.
  • Our call for action.

YMCA of Central Ohio Response:  COVID - 19 

The YMCA of Central Ohio has been serving our community since 1855.  Over those 164 years, we have adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of the Central Ohio Community.  That is no different today. While the world navigates a pandemic that is having rapid and severe impacts on our collective quality of life, health, wellness and safety, the YMCA of Central Ohio is making strategic and operational pivots to fight COVID-19 and provide services to our community members who are most impacted and most vulnerable. 

Even with our branches temporarily closed, the YMCA’s mission-focused work continues and is growing by the day to meet our community’s needs. However, we find our organization in a difficult time because memberships to centers serve as our primary source of revenue to serve the community.  We are anticipating a precipitous drop in revenue that puts the YMCA of Central Ohio and the people who rely on us at risk - especially now. 

Ways the YMCA is serving immediate needs:

Shelter / Housing: The YMCA is focused on serving those most in need during this crisis with our Community Shelter Board partners.  Our homeless community and supportive housing community are some of the most vulnerable.  Our team is working to provide a healthy, safe living environment as well as expanding emergency shelter access to over 200 people.

Pandemic Childcare: The YMCA of Central Ohio team is working with partners in the area like Action for Children to stand up pandemic childcare sites and services for the first responders and health care workers that are required to respond to this crisis.  

Community Collaborator: The YMCA of Central Ohio team is working with other community partners to support community needs. On March 18, Hilltop YMCA hosted a Mid-Ohio Collective food drop for the Hilltop community. Our Reynoldsburg Community Center YMCA will begin serving as an auxiliary fire station for the Reynoldsburg Fire Department.

Community Engagement:  The YMCA of Central Ohio team is reaching out and providing opportunities for our community to continue to connect during this time of isolation.  Our team has rolled out virtual and phone health and wellness opportunities.