Web WOD | Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Family Workout | #5

Author: Brad, Gahanna/John E. Bickley YMCA

Your NAME is the workout!

Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to an exercise. As a family, go through each person’s first name. If you have kids learning to spell, pick some tricky words that they’re learning, and use this to help them practice (plus get an extra workout)!

A, 50 jumping jacks
B, 20 crunches
C, 30 squats
D, 15 push-ups
E, 1 minute wall sit
F, 10 burpees
G, 20 jumping lunges
H, 20 jump squats
I, 30 jumping jacks
J, 1 minute plank
K, 10 push-ups
L, 20 tricep dips
M, 20 burpees
N, 25 burpees
O, 40 jumping jacks
P, 15 jumping lunges
Q, 30 crunches
R, 15 push-ups
S, 30 jump squats
T, 15 burpees
U, 30 tricep dips
V, 2 minute wall sit
W, 50 calf raises
X, 60 jumping jacks
Y, 2 minute plank
Z, 20 push-ups

Example - YMCA workout
Y= 2 minute plank, M= 20 burpees, C= 30 squats, A= 50 jumping jacks

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