Web WOD | Saturday, April 25, 2020

Pure Strength | #14

Author: Abby, Downtown YMCA

Equipment: Dumbbells, mat optional
Estimated Time to Complete: ~45-60 minutes

Arm Circuit | 60s each exercise followed by 15s recovery

  • Alternating row/ tricep kickback
  • Bent over row to lat raise
  • Alternating bicep curls
  • Split lunge to single arm press

Complete 3 times

Leg Circuit | 15s recovery between exercises

  • Squat combo- 5x feet together, 5x feet shoulder distance, 5x sumo, 60s
  • Reverse lunges on the left, 30s
  • Reverse lunges on the right, 30s
  • Elevating calf raises, 60s
  • Jump squats, 60s

Complete 3 times

Core Circuit | 15s recovery between exercises

  • Plank jacks, 60s
  • Sit up to a cross jab, 30s
  • Supermans, 30s
  • Russian twist, 60s
  • Side plank left, 30s
  • Side plank right, 30s

Complete 3 times

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