Web WOD | Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Pure Strength | #2

Author: Brooke, Gahanna/John E. Bickley YMCA

Equipment: Mat optional
Estimated Time to Complete: No longer than 30 minutes

A.B.C. circuit- each circuit has a 10 minute time cap, try to complete all reps in each exercise as fast as you can before moving on to the next. Once complete, rest for 90 seconds before attempting the next.

Circuit A | Time cap 10 minutes
Crab toe touches, 60 reps
Calf raises, 100 reps
Left side plank, 100 sec

90 sec recovery

Circuit B | Time cap 10 minutes
Supermans, 50 reps
Glute bridge, 60 reps
Wall sit, 100 sec

90 sec recovery

Circuit C | Time cap 10 minutes
Dead bugs, 60 reps
Air squats, 50 reps
Right side plank, 100 sec

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