Throughout the rapidly expanding and diverse Central Ohio region, we will engage communities in order to grow in a sequence that supports long-term sustainability and deepens impact.

We will double the number of people we impact as members, participants, and volunteers.

We will realize this vision by:

  • expanding our footprint
  • partnering with others
  • creating new programs
  • leveraging YMCA social enterprise initiatives


Because we believe in the power of family bonds

  • The Y will be the go-to place for families to bond together in a wholesome, inviting, and fun environment
  • Program scheduling will be flexible and convenient for families
  • The Y will be known as the best place for families in Central Ohio


Because it is our responsibility, and we are a trusted partner in improving the health outcomes of our community

  • The Y will influence healthy behaviors such as physical activities and nutrition
  • Programs and activities will focus on healthy aging and chronic disease prevention
  • Evidence-based initiatives will be deployed
  • We will engage in health initiatives for the community


Because we believe in the power of inspired young people

  • We will create an environment where youth experience a sense of wonder
  • Our menu of programs will be non-traditional, diverse, innovative, and impactful
  • Youth programs will increase young people‚Äôs experience of belonging, achievement, and positive relationships


Because we believe in the power of strong community connections

  • We will have an intentional focus on diversity and inclusion across all programs and services
  • Our housing initiatives will strengthen bonds between people with economic advantage and people experiencing severe poverty
  • The Y will be accessible for all regardless of race, gender, or ability
  • The Y will prioritize protection of children from sexual abuse and safety around water