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What should you know about our Before and After School Programs?

  • Our highly qualified staff are CPR & First Aid Certified and receive extensive hours of training and professional development
  • We're open year-round (snow days & school breaks too!)
  • Our programs are centered around our Y core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility
  • We keep kids interested while having fun with our imaginative academic activities
  • We always encourage healthy eating habits, physical activity, and provide nutritious snacks
  • We focus on helping and improving literacy
  • We offer homework assistance

What Parents Want*

How We're Doing*

#1 Safe, Secure Environment 95% agree their child is physically and emotionally safe
#2 Positive Adult Role Models 94% agree their child is surrounded with caring adults
#3 Build Social Skills & Friendships 99% agree their child gets to socialize with other children
#4 Physical Activity 96% agree the program helps their child be more active
#5 Time to Be a Kid 95% agree their child is able to play freely with their friends

Parents were asked to rank 8 program outcomes in terms of importance including making meaningful progress on homework and structured enrichment programming. In a follow up question, parents were asked how the Y is doing meeting those stated outcomes.
#6 My child makes meaningful progress on their homework at Y-Club
#7 My child receives additional structured educational enrichment at Y-Club
#8 My child has a healthy snack at Y-Club.



2013-2017 Survey Averages
Parents agree our program provides:

94% AVG - Safe, secure environment
92% AVG - Positive adult role models
95% AVG - Place to make new friends & learn new skills
93% AVG - Healthy habits with physical activity & healthy snacks
87% AVG - Daily homework help



69 - 2018 Score

Net Promoter Score Question: “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend YMCA Y Club to a friend or family member?”  The Net Promoter question is a research-based worldwide metric used to measure and improve customer loyalty to a product or service. A score of 70 or above is considered World Class.

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