Summer is a time for teens to learn, develop and create.

At the Y, our Summer Teen Experience is designed to help young people improve their leadership skills, explore and create through innovation, navigate new experiences, establish healthy living habits and build positive relationships with their community.

  • Branches & Schedule:

    • Eldon & Elsie Ward Family YMCA (June 7-July 30)

    • Gahanna/John E. Bickley YMCA (June 21-July 30)

    • Hilltop YMCA (June 7-August 13)

    • Reynoldsburg Community Center YMCA (June 21-July 30)

  • 9am-3pm

  • For teens entering 6-12 grades.  


Teens Social Distancing

Gain insight and understanding for personal leadership development and interpersonal communication skills

Explore emerging technologies and ideologies to improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills for today and the future

New Experiences
Meet new people, step outside of comfort zones, develop confidence and hone personal interests while improving social and emotional aptitude

Establish positive relationships with peers, neighbors, stakeholders and the environment through project-based learning and volunteering

10 Week Summer Teen Experience: 

Eldon Ward, Gahanna, Hilltop

  • Week 1: Focus on Creative Projects
  • Week 2: Focus on Healthy Living Goals 
  • Week 3: Teen L.I.N.C. Summer Experience 
  • Week 4: Teen L.I.N.C Summer Experience 
  • Week 5: Teen L.I.N.C. Summer Experience 
  • Week 6: Teen L.I.N.C. Summer Experience 
  • Week 7: Teen L.I.N.C. Summer Experience 
  • Week 8: Teen L.I.N.C. Summer Experience 
  • Week 9: Focus on S.T.E.M. Projects
  • Week 10: Focus on Service-Learning Projects


  • Week 1: Sports of All Sorts
  • Week 2: Get A Grip Golf
  • Week 3: Let’s Get Cookin
  • Week 4: Level UpGaming
  • Week 5: Splish Splash
  • Week 6: Hitt & Mitt