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Every day, the YMCA strengthens children and families in pursuit of healthier communities. We see the possibility to build a community where all people have opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. You bring our vision to life! Today, your donation can make it possible for our neighbors to access the help they need to recover after adversity.

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+ Develop Future Leaders
Develop Future Leaders

Develop Future Leaders

The future of our community will be defined by the health of our children. The opportunities we create for them now will shape how they achieve, belong, and ultimately lead. We believe that a strong investment in every day of a young changemaker's life is the most effective way to build a stronger community for generations to come. From after-school enrichment and summer programs to full-family support, the YMCA is all in.

“The YMCA has helped me a lot… I found them at one of my lowest points in life. I had just got out of doing something, they helped me find myself back mentally. Their support here is like my second home. I'm always here after school, and I know they always have my back. They have helped me a lot as far as finding myself, keeping me on track with school, making sure that I’m good. I just know that they have helped me grow and improve myself a lot. Now, I’ve graduated early and am going to college to become a mental health counselor.”
-Lay, YMCA Teen Leaders Graduate



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+ Promote Social Health
Social Responsibility

Promote Social Health

People of all ages are still struggling with fear, loss, and loneliness. Every day, we’re here to provide children, teens, adults and seniors a safe place to heal from these experiences. Our commitment to the safest cleaning and distancing practices assures members and guests that they can safely reconnect. Plus, supporters like you enable financial assistance so that anyone in need can find relief at the YMCA.

“Joining the YMCA saved my life… Once my second daughter was born, my world collapsed. I developed postpartum depression to the point that I truly should have been hospitalized. The only place I could manage to go was the YMCA. I was irritable and feeling incredibly isolated, but I knew that I would be missed if I didn’t show up to the YMCA. Today, I’ve passed my personal trainer certification exam, got certified as a nutrition coach, found a job working for a company I love! If not for the YMCA, I would not have found myself.”
-Sarah, YMCA Member for 9 Years

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+ Foster Equity
Healthy Living

Foster Equity

Last year reminded us that our communities have been struggling with a public health crisis for a long time. Our neighbors have experienced racism and ongoing disparity due to systems that were designed to leave them behind. The YMCA is determined to change this. Through free and subsidized programs that address chronic inequities, like education or food security, and intentional collaborations, we will uplift people of color as part of our mission to build a stronger community for all.

“As a parent, I think the YMCA has affected me in a positive way. It has allowed me to be able to work and for [my children] to be somewhere safe and knowing that they’re having fun and learning at the same time. I think that it's given them the opportunity to try new things and meet different people. They’ve been opened up to different activities that they weren’t able to do at home or in the neighborhood...they’ve learned how to expand their horizon and their vocabulary and just know there’s other youth who participate in activities outside of what they’re used to. If not for the YMCA, we wouldn’t be superstars!”
-Sasha, Mother of 3

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