If you have any questions at this time, please contact Holley Napier at hnapier@ymcacolumbus.org

Weekly Fees 2020-2021

Elementary Weekly Fee 

AM only $41.50
PM only $51.50
AM & PM $88.00

Alternate Part-Time Session Fee
AM session $12.00 per day 
PM session $15.00 per day

*Alternate part time Care is only available if you are a registered Y- Club participant, actively attending either the AM or PM care and need a variable schedule for the alternating Y- Club Program. The Part time fee is a daily fee charged based on the schedule submitted two weeks in advance, not based on the days attended. 

Big Walnut Intermediate (After School Only) 
Weekly Fee $71.00

Registration Fee

$25 per individual registration due at time of registration


Registration Dates

2020-2021 registration will open on Thursday April 23, 2020 at 8am. 



The YMCA requires payment by automatic EFT with a debit card or bank account, or an automatic credit card payment.  Registrations received at this time may have a 2 week delayed start date. You MUST receive confirmation and start date assignment from the Registrar Department prior to your child attending the program. 


Hours of Operation

7am until school starts & from the time school releases until 6pm, on any day that school is in session.

If a 2-hour school start delay is in effect, we are still open at 7am.


How To Register

Register Now Online