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Our families are always welcome in our afterschool programs! Parents know their children better than anyone else and research shows that a parent’s involvement in their child’s education leads to better school outcomes.  At the YMCA of Central Ohio, we strive to create opportunities for parents to engage in learn alongside of their children.  

Levels of Engagement


  • Family Information Surveys
  • Open Houses
  • Getting to Know You Activities 
  • Open Door Policy


  • Newsletters
  • Daily Notes
  • Parent Meetings
  • Sharing Community Resources 
  • Relationships with School Staff that Benefit Children 


  • Family Events Focused on Children's Interests and Needs
  • Welcoming Program Environments with Activities for Parents to Engage in with their Children
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Parent Input in Transition Activities and Plans 
  • Goals for Children are Created with Input from Parents and Program Staff 


  • Program Policies Reviewed during Parent Advisory Councils
  • Program Surveys are Focused on Parent Satisfaction
  • Advocate Opportunities for Afterschool Programs and the YMCA in the Wider Community
  • Children's Learning Opportunities for the Home and at Community Events Shared

During the 2017-2018 school year, YMCA of Central Ohio Afterschool programs offered over fifty opportunities for families to engage in activities with their children across Central Ohio. 

In July 2018, the YMCA Afterschool program at KIPP ELC had great success engaging families through a Market Day Taste Test Challenge.

KIPP ELC Afterschool receives weekly fresh fruit and vegetable donations from the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.  The donations support families by supplying them with fresh fruits and vegetables and encourages children in trying new foods and making healthy eating choices. Parents were asked to take pictures of the children trying the fruit or vegetable at home, help their children answer the questions on the fruit or vegetable they selected and submit their stories for an opportunity to win a prize.  Great idea KIPP ELC!

Market Days