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About The Program

The Kindergarten Plus full-day program takes place at Grace Church on non-school days. The program curriculum is aligned with the Olentangy Local District’s Kindergarten curriculum and is designed to complement classroom learning. 

In the mornings, staff will implement the Literacy Builders program, which is designed to provide a full range of literacy learning opportunities.This includes enhancing and stretching the child’s knowledge of letters, sounds, word and language in reading and writing situations. Afternoons include math-focused activities, learning about healthy behaviors, and outdoor play.

Physical activity is incorporated daily through Y Kids Are Fit curriculum, which is all about giving children the opportunity to participate in regular physical activity and to learn about healthy choices. The curriculum includes lessons for 30-45 minutes of physical activity per day (i.e. games, exercises, stretching, etc.) as well as hands-on activities relating to health and nutrition.

Kindergarten Plus Staff are well-educated and carefully selected teachers who encourage students to reach their potential and explore their interests. The K+ Site Coordinator is a Certified Teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and our K+ program staff has a Bachelor Degree including coursework in Early Education and Child Development.