Giving children the opportunity to participate in regular physical activity and to learn about healthy choices is what Y-Kids are Fit is all about. The focus of the program is on fitness, health and nutrition.

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Created for use in after-school programs, the Y-Kids Are Fit user-friendly curriculum includes lessons for 30-45 minutes of physical activity per day (i.e. games, exercises, stretching, etc.) designed to be implemented 3-5 days per week. Youth learn the components of a healthy exercise routine including three sets of movements.  First is the “warm up” which includes different activities to warm up your body (Ex. Stretches, walking, yoga).  

This is followed by the “main event” which is 20 minutes of a high intensity workout in which everyone is moving the entire time.  Then the session concludes with a “cool down” where activities are introduced where the youth learn how to cool down their bodies from the high intensity main event.  Besides learning the mechanics of different exercises the concepts of teamwork and healthy living will be infused throughout this time.

The Y believes that a healthy lifestyle is important for all ages and that the family's involvement is imperative to the program's success. Through the Y-Kids Are Fit program family component, families are encouraged to be active with their children. Leading a healthier lifestyle becomes a family-focused.

Y-Kids Are Fit Curriculum