The Y is a place for people of all abilities and skill levels, which is why we offer programming designed specifically for older adults. The benefits of staying active are wide-ranging: group fitness helps seniors stay socially connected, improve mental capacity, increase strength and mobility, and bounce back faster after illness or injury. 


We will help you stay safe and overcome any anxiety you may have about exercising as an older adult. Take a look at some of our senior-oriented fitness programs below, which accommodate a wide variety of interests and functional abilities.

Types of classes we offer

AOA Conditioning
Come join us for a collection of classes and events with basic exercises to build and maintain functional strength, balance and coordination.

AOA Cycle
Don't feel up to taking on the roads of Columbus with your bicycle? Or maybe you want to cycle on a rainy day? Ride at your own pace with indoor cycling geared towards older adults.

AOA Gold Boxing
A quick, fun, not-too-strenuous workout to learn the basics of boxing, using portable bags.

Senior Yoga
Move through yoga poses designed to increase flexibility, balance and range of movement while you enjoy restorative breathing exercises that promote stress reduction and mental clarity.

Senior Strength
Focus and develop specific areas of the body using free weights, resistance bands, and exercise bands.

Senior Cardio/Stretch
Exercise your heart with thirty minutes of cardio, followed by thirty minutes of stretching your muscles.

Senior Circuit
Work out your upper body one day and lower body the other. This circuit will help you learn how to use the machines with the help of staff instruction. You’ll
also be able to meet and workout with other seniors! This class is the second most strenuous AOA fitness class.

A simple paddle sport for all ages, this cross between ping pong and tennis can be played slowly or in high gear. Either way, it’s FUN!

Enhance Fitness
This is an evidence-based group exercise program for older adults that focuses on dynamic cardiovascular exercise, strength training, balance, and flexibility — everything older adults need to maintain health and function as they age.

SilverSneakers® Classes
The Silver Sneakers® Fitness Program is the nation’s leading exercise program designed exclusively for older adults. It is a unique blend of physical activity and socially-oriented programming that enables members to take greater control of their health. Silver Sneakers® reduces the barriers to exercise, promotes social interaction and encourages healthy lifestyle activities.

Zumba Gold
These classes are specifically designed to bring the exciting international rhythms of the original Zumba to the active older adult, beginners or the participant who may require special care due to minor physical limitations.

Dance Classes
Groove your way to a healthier you! We have all kinds of classes where you can get down and get fit. Find the one with the right rhythm for you!

Water Fitness
Add a low-impact, high-energy exercise to your fitness routine that takes advantage of water's natural resistance to make you stronger.

Find Your People at the Y
The Y also creates a multitude of socialization opportunities such as clubs, field trips, craft days and more. Look below to see some of our regularly-scheduled programs, and be sure to check with your local branch to find out more about upcoming events and excursions.

  • Card Club
  • Euchre/ Hand & Foot
  • Crochet Class
  • Card and Board Game Day
  • Mahjong
  • Lunch & Learns