Be A Sustaining Member

The YMCA of Central Ohio has been serving our community since 1855. Over those 164 years, we have adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of the Central Ohio Community. That is no different today. While the world navigates a pandemic that is having rapid and severe impacts on our collective quality of life, health, wellness and safety. The YMCA of Central Ohio is making strategic and operational pivots to fight COVID-19 and provide services to our community members who are most impacted and most vulnerable.

The YMCA’s mission-focused work continues and is growing by the day to meet our community’s needs. However, we find our organization in a difficult time because memberships to centers serve as our primary source of revenue to serve the community.

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Hold or Cancel Membership

If you are unable to support the mission of the YMCA at this time, you are able to place your membership on hold. Memberships that are placed on hold will have all charges stopped until your hold is scheduled to release.


Ways the YMCA is serving immediate needs: