A Message from   
 Tony Collins, Our President & CEO



Framework Methodology

The YMCA of Central Ohio (YCO) engaged in a strategic planning process with partners and supporters between October 2022 and April 2023.



In November and December 2022, Benefactor Group and YCO’s Strategic Planning Task Force engaged more than 1,300 individuals in the following activities.

  • Materials review: financial reports, annual reports, program descriptions, marketing materials and strategy documents
  • Discovery interviews: with senior leadership, program staff, key partners, volunteers, community leaders and funders
  • Focus groups and surveys: with the YCO Advisory Board, branch members, community partners, corporate and foundation funders, Board of Trustees members, senior staff, general staff, YMCA program participants and members


Comprehensive findings were shared with the Strategic Planning Task Force, which led to a strategic planning retreat in January 2023. YCO gathered senior staff members and key board members to discuss and develop a shared understanding of YCO’s mission, vision and plans for the future.


With our partner agency, the Strategic Planning Task Force developed a draft of the Strategic Framework, which was presented to the Board of Trustees Executive Committee. The Framework includes:

  • Mission, Vision, Values; Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement; and Safety Statement: foundational elements that define YCO and its purpose
  • Strategic Priority: area of focus for the plan
  • Strategic Objective: measures to evaluate progress and success


The Strategic Framework was presented to, and approved by, the Board of Trustees in April 2023.

Moving forward, the Framework will be integrated into organizational planning for 2024 and beyond.

Implementation will include the development of a dashboard to track progress on Strategic Objectives and Priorities, which will be monitored by senior leadership and the Board of Trustees.




Our Commitment to Community

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion



We are committed to strengthening communities to effect lasting, meaningful change. The execution of our mission requires substantial engagement of our entire community and is only attainable when anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion are core to our planning, programming, staffing, messaging, organizational structure and partnerships.


We are dedicated to ensuring safety in every aspect of our operations, from design to policies. Our priority is to identify and minimize risks, creating a culture of safety for our community. We prioritize the identification, assessment and mitigation of potential risks to minimize incidents and create a culture of safety in all our operations.



Strategic Priorities & Objectives

As we look ahead, our non-profit organization is guided by key Strategic Priorities and Objectives aimed at directly benefiting our communities.  We want our YMCA programs and services to be catalysts for transformative change. Our strategic plan will guide us as we work to build strong families, neighborhoods, and communities through three main areas of impact:


Strategic Priorities & Objectives

As a non-profit organization serving Central Ohio, our strategic plan focuses on three key internal priorities: our people, our resources, and our stories. These priorities form the backbone of our efforts to maximize our impact and effectiveness within the community.



The YMCA of Central Ohio extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Strategic Plan Task Force members listed here, along with the 1200+ staff and volunteers who generously shared their time, talent, and insights throughout the strategic planning process. Your contributions are deeply valued, and we honor your commitment, recognizing you as integral participants in shaping our strategic vision. 


John North, Grange Insurance     
Strategy Committee Chair     
Christopher Clinton, OhioHealth     
Board of Trustees Member     
Erik Farley     
Chief People, Equity, & Inclusion Officer     
Brandi AL-Issa     
Chief Advancement and Strategy Officer     
Tony Collins     
Chief Executive Officer     
Craig Greenlee     
Ohio Alliance of YMCAs     
Mary E. Auch, PNC     
Board of Trustees Chair    
Ian Czaja     
Nationwide Insurance     
Garry Linn     
Chief Operations Officer     
Pamela Biesecker, Nationwide     
Board of Trustees   
Immediate Past Chair     
Sue Darby     
Senior Vice President of Housing & Shelter    
Brad McCain     
Chief Financial Officer     
Mark Slayman, Huntington Bank     
Board of Trustees Vice Chair & Treasurer     


Our team is fully immersed in our strategic plan, recognizing its vital role in guiding our actions and decisions. With a clear vision of the future, we are empowered to make a real impact on the communities we serve. Every member is committed to our motto, “ALL IN,” embodying dedication and unity as we work towards collective success.