Types of programs offered


Pee Wee Basketball
This class introduces the basic basketball skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, teamwork, and other skills needed to participate in league play. Parent participation is required.

Groups are divided based on ages and experience. Kids will learn and develop skills necessary for basketball game play, including dribbling, passing, shooting, moving without the ball, defensive skills, etc. 

Participants will learn fundamentals of volleyball, including bumps, sets, hits, serves, etc. The setting is one of encouragement and beginner instructions. We also offer intermediate volleyball, which builds on skills and strategies learned in the beginner version of the class.

Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey Clinic
In partnership with the Columbus Blue Jackets, we will be offering a street hockey class in which children will learn the basics of hockey, including passing, shooting and defense.

Sports of All Sorts
As with all YMCA Pee Wee classes, this class focuses on the physical and social development of our youngest athletes. Participants will be introduced to basic skills in basketball, soccer, t-ball, hockey, and more. Parent participation is required.

Tee Ball 
Youth will learn the basics of tee ball and have fun working together in a team environment.

Our focus on youth development provides an environment that will help each child and teen develop relationships, improve self-esteem and build character. Our staff and volunteers focus on teaching the fundamentals and expanding on skills as players advance.